Thursday, September 10, 2015

9/9 Another Old House & a BIG Potato!

Today, I headed off to visit the birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of the Anne of Green Gables books.  The photos from a couple of days ago were of the house she used for the books as inspiration, but it was not a place she ever lived.  About 20 miles away is where she was born, in this house. 

However, when she was two years old, her mother passed away, and her father could not care for her, so she was sent to live with her mother's parents.  Her father headed west and remarried, although he kept in touch with her and she did spend some time with him when she was a teenager.  In other words, she also was a sort of orphan.  The rooms below are decorated as the "might have been" when she was born, but none of the furnishings belonged to her parents.

This, however, was the room in which she was born.

Nice chat with the museum's docent, but then off to something much more interesting--a potato museum!

And here it is, tucked down a side street of a very small town.  They did have a nice gift shop and a café serving several types of potato dishes!

Actually, it was not a bad museum.  Described the history of the potato and how it got to Europe and influenced history there.  This section had little caskets with potatoes in each, showing how each of the major potato diseases affected potatoes. 

Prince Edward Island grows a lot of potatoes, and even has a potato chip factory, plus a couple of other factories that process and ship out things like frozen French fries. 

If I were a Canadian potato farmer, this is just the place I would want to come! 

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