Wednesday, September 16, 2015

9/15 Halifax and the Maritime Museum

It was NOT easy, but I managed to navigate Halifax's narrow streets and road construction and even found a great parking spot right on the river downtown. The nice thing about driving a big vehicle is that they can ticket you, but it would take a lot of effort to tow you!

They have a very pretty and busy downtown and riverfront area.  It was made even busier by the two cruise ships in town for the day--one from Carnival and the other a Holland American ship.  Lots of people walking around.

It was just a couple of blocks to the Maritime Museum.

This strange boat is really a goose blind. 

You sit inside and use the hand cranks to slowly move your boat. 

While the living people from the Titanic were taken to New York, the dead were taken to Halifax and buried there.  This is a model of the ship and the next photos show some of the things taken from the sea as the ship sank.

This poor guy has been gibbeted for some crime.  After being hanged, the bodies would be placed in this contraption until they rotted as an example to others.

An interesting 1802s building near the museum.

 And a poutine shop.  Check out the menu on the next photo.

Could not resist a lobster roll from this shop. 

Had a 100 miles drive to my campsite, so I made sure I left in time to get there comfortably before dark. 

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