Monday, September 14, 2015

9/14 Lunenburg, NS

Thanks to Janice for posting some gorgeous photos she found on this little town in Nova Scotia that she wants to visit someday.  I just happened to actually BE in Nova Scotia and staying last night not too far from here, so I adjusted my schedule slightly, and came here this morning. 

This is a town of "painted ladies" as they are called in San Francisco--Victorian or slightly earlier houses painted in many colors.  Unfortunately, instead of a sunny day, I had fog, clouds, and drizzle to contend with, so my photos at least from a distance are not so vivid.  Glad I came here in any case because it was great to see the colors and varied architecture.

Here are a few photos I took when I got lost coming into town and ended up on the other side of the bay.  (You can tell it is sprinkling because of the water droplets on the lens. The sun came out a bit in the afternoon, but it has been rainy and foggy here for several days.)

It is funny to be here in Canada and reading the plaques about the history of the U.S. attacking various places.  Oops.

And here are some of the homes I saw on my walk from the campground down to the town.  This one is pretty bland, but I love the porch that wraps around the entire house.  A very few houses in this town are 18th century, but most are 19th century, or Victorian.  Love all the trim.
Cute little house, but also comparatively bland.  Wish I knew more about architecture.

Here are two more.  Note the bow/bay window (never can remember the difference) on the second floor dormer over the front door.  This website ( refers to it as a Lunenburg "bump" or extended Scottish dormer.   

The next few houses have variations on that theme. This one has a two-story  dormer with an offset front door.

This one attracted me because of all the windows.  Must have been bright and cheerful inside.
A three-story "bump"?  Love the colors on this one. 

Closer to the main harbor area, the colors get a bit more brilliant.

These next two are very similar.

Orange and red???  Next to a green and red house???

I zoomed in and could tell that this house had been white, but was being painted lavender.

Here is a better view of the far right house from the previous photo.

Whew!  This would wake you up in the morning!

This street overlooks the harbor, and most of these buildings are restaurants and gift shops.  I had a late lunch of scallops sitting on the second floor balcony in the middle building.

View of the harbor. 

This is a working replica of a fishing vessel that was also a racing schooner and won several trophies. It's image is on the Canadian dime.  It was full of young people doing maintenance and getting rigging organized.  A food service truck pulled up and deliver food, so I am not sure what they were doing, but found this interesting article about the ship and its activities: 

I took this because of the complexity of the ropes and sails.


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