Friday, September 4, 2015

9/4 Alma and Cape Enrage

Checked out of Fundy and got my refund this morning, only to discover my cell phone does not work in the nearby town either. Headed back into the park to find a pay phone to use to call the campground; good luck in that they had a site and would hold it for me.  So, off I went.

Alma is a very small town right on the edge of the national park with a fishing harbor, several seafood restaurants, a bakery, post office, and a general store.  I was lucky to get there at low tide.  This is the river that empties into the bay, or at least empties into the bay at low tide. 

This is the harbor on the other side of the road.  The tide is between 40 and 50' here.

Most of these are lobster boats.  Some of them seem to have some sort of braces holding them up.

These two look like they are friends.

Apparently, they just shove the lobster traps off the rear ends.

It's a long way out to the shore from here, but in 6 hours, all of this will be filled with water.  I was told that the strange tides cause fishermen to have to sometimes go out in the middle of the night.

I picked up some bakery items and got an order of fried clams to go.  Then I headed east to something called Cape Enrage, which has a lighthouse. As you can see, it is still low tide.

I did not realize the road to Cape Enrage was so narrow and so steep, but I figured I drove over the Rocky Mountains, so why not here?  Besides, there was no place to turn around.

This is a marsh, but it must have been a bay at one time.

Stopped to take some  pictures and ask other drivers if I was on the right road.

Yup.  Sign shows I am almost there.

Besides the working lighthouse and foghorn, the cape has some adventure rock climbing and a zip line, but there was no one using these today.

Do you see the tiny boat?  Again, that is Nova Scotia in the distance. I will be there in a few days.  

Big warning sign for the fog horn.  Can you imagine standing near here when the fog comes in and this thing starts working?  I once was in a bell tower in Europe when the bells started ringing, but I'll bet this is a lot louder.

The tide is beginning to creep in.

You can see the fog horn pointing at us here.

Had to retrace all of my over hill and dale driving to get back on the main road.  This turn was not only steep but sharp. 

So far, my Ford V10 engine has never failed to pull my 15,000 pounds of vehicle up any hills.  It just downshifts a gear or two and makes a LOT of noise, but it gets us there!  This was steeper than it looks in the picture.

Another marsh.

Look at how steep the banks of this river are.  Obviously, it fills with water during high tide to erode those riverbanks.

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