Saturday, September 19, 2015

9/17 Driving the Cabot Trail Around Cape Breton, NS - Part 1

I started my drive this morning counter-clockwise around the Cabot Trail that goes around Cape Breton in Nova Scotia.  It is a beautiful drive, and once you start it, you must finish because there are no ways to cut across the middle!  I chose counter-clockwise, so I could pull into and out of scenic areas more easily.  (I have a horrible blind spot on the passenger's side, made worse because I have no co-pilot to look out that window for me.)

Here is a map of Cape Breton on the northern end of Nova Scotia. The yellow line depicts the Cabot Trail drive.  I spent last night in Baddeck at the bottom middle and will spend tonight at Broad Cove campground, just north of Ingonish.

My GPS suggested I take this ferry, which I would have been willing to do, but the ferryman looked at the long overhang I have in the rear of my motorhome and pointed out that it would drag getting on and off the ferry.  Based on my experiences with the horrible scraping noises dragging getting into and out of some gas stations and shopping area parking lot, I concurred it would be better if I took the longer way.  Would have been fun, however, because that bit of land  in the middle is really a very long sand spit with a road on it.  Darn.

The next few photos are probably going to be boring because they are the usual photos of the ocean in the distance and lots of mountains and cliffs.  This side of the cape, by the way, is the open Atlantic.  If you look at a globe, not a map, you will see that we are amazing close to places like Greenland and Iceland.

This is a good photo of the mountain the road goes over to get here.  Could not take photos while driving for obvious reasons. 

These next photos were taken from the parking lot of a golf course clubhouse halfway out on this middle spit of land.

Pretty place to play golf, I think.  I guess I should have taken some pictures of the clubhouse and the spread out hotel rooms, but I was focused on the scenery, and as you can tell from the whitecaps, it was very windy.

No photos, either, of my campground as by the time I got there, I was feeling some of the old kidney stone symptoms, so I mostly hibernated for the rest of the day.  More tomorrow, however.   

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