Saturday, September 26, 2015

9/25 Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

I left my campground at Salisbury Beach this morning and drove to the other side of the Merrimac River to Plum Island, where there is a wildlife refuge.  My next campsite is only 60 miles away, so I had most of an afternoon to enjoy myself.  Tight entrance, however.  I am always afraid of scraping something, so I went through extremely slowly, using my mirrors.

The refuge consists of a marsh area and the beach across the roadway. I found out that they actually constructed part of the marsh by digging out some ponds and putting dikes up to retain water in other areas.   

I had a choice of a marsh walk or a dunes walk, and ended up taking the dunes walk.  (Too tired afterwards for the marsh walk, but I did climb up the observation tower.)  This is part of the dunes walk.  Nice to have a boardwalk and a place to sit every once in a while.

The ocean!  Frankly, this reminds me a bit of the Port Crescent State Park dunes where I played as a child.   

Back to the marsh and the observation tower.

Considering how close it is getting to Thanksgiving, these chunky birds will need to be careful! 

Drove down a couple of miles to the beach parking lot. 

It was slightly cool today, but still shorts and t-shirt weather for me.  Lovely ocean breeze, as well.  It is days like this that make all the struggles of driving a big rig and managing its systems worth while.  So nice to not have to be in an office or sitting in my old condo on a day like this!!

I had a fun time chatting with some ladies and a man on the boardwalk benches that overlooked the beach.  No desire to go down and walk in the sand since I did that a couple of days ago--just enjoyed the day and the conversation.  (And they did NOT say "All by yourself!" when they heard I was traveling alone.  I really hate that.  As if I need permission or a chaparone to travel with me.)

I did not get a good picture of this little house, but doesn't it remind you a little of the Weasley's house in the Harry Potter movies?

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