Saturday, September 12, 2015

9/12 Ferry to Nova Scotia

Got up this morning fairly leisurely, and after draining my tanks and unhooking from water and electric, I headed to the nearby ferry to Nova Scotia. 

Prince Edward Island has a strange system for getting on and off the island.  There are two ways to get there from New Brunswick  You can take the bridge directly from New Brunswick, which I did coming to the island or you can take a ferry to Nova Scotia and then drive to New Brunswick.  Now the trick is that there is no charge for getting onto the island, but you do have to pay to get off.  The bridge is about half the cost of the ferry, so a lot of people take the ferry on and the bridge off. 

I wanted to travel around Nova Scotia, so the ferry made more sense because it would have been a longer drive to get to the bridge.  Cost for my vehicle and me was $100 CDN or $75.21 USD, per the Visa notation I got on my account.  Time for crossing is 75 minutes, which is just long enough to walk around and get a snack.

The RVs line up in a special lane. I had to turn off my propane and my refrigerator, which means turning a knob on my underneath propane tank and pushing a refrigerator button. 

They have already loaded the cars into a lower deck and closed the ramp that goes down.  You are required to exit your car and cannot have access to it until just before you land.

This ship has two fronts.  Or maybe two rears.  In any case, the front and the back look exactly the same and have this big door that opens up to load and unload vehicles.  This photo shows it closing as we left the dock.

Cute little operating lighthouse in the fog.

Can you see the light?  I caught it just at the flash.

This is the second ferry passing us.  I like the one we are on because it has solid sides, not so many "holes" in the side.  It was not rough outside, but there was a substantial rocking to the ship, making it hard to walk at times.

What would seabirds do without channel markers?

I decided to drive for a few hours since we arrived at about 1:00 pm.  I do not seem to have as much time in Nova Scotia as I need, so I want to get to Peggy's Cove, which is on the other side of Halifax, the big city in Nova Scotia.  It is a quaint fishing village.  I was able to find a campsite for a couple of days on the bay.  This is a long pile of rocks about 500 feet from shore.  I was using my monocular to see if I could find any birds, and found this eagle.  At least I think it HAS to be an eagle.  What other big dark bird has a white head?  I used a telephoto lens and blew it up here as much as I dared.
I baked a pork roast tonight.  Just hungry for one and had some with applesauce and fried new potatoes for dinner.  I have an oven and I like to cook, so I don't cook the usual "camping" food while I travel.  I have my bike battery charging and tomorrow plan to ride the mile into Peggy's Cove to look at the lighthouse.  There is a seafood shop right next door that sells fresh or cooked lobsters and other seafood, so I might go for a lobster or some fried clams for dinner tomorrow.  The pork roast can wait.
Excellent internet last few days, so that is nice.  I use a signal booster, which really makes a big difference in getting a campground's free WiFi which is usually very weak. 

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