Sunday, September 13, 2015

9/13 Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Peggy's Cove is at the tip of St. Margaret's Bay.  "Peggy" is a nickname for "Margaret," hence its name.  My campground is just two miles down the road, but I am glad I did not try to ride my bike as I had originally planned.  The potential for rain convinced me to pack up and drive down, which I am glad I did because there is a steep hill and there was a lot of traffic. 

Peggy's Cove is a tiny town, but the quintessential fishing village. What make it even more special is the solid rock it is built on and the lighthouse at the far end of the town.  In fact, the town does not have a water or sewage system because of the granite being too hard to dig into.  There is some land with a little soil on it that people used for growing vegetables, way back when.

It's a very pretty little town and would have even more photogenic if the sun had been out today.  Also, I mistimed my visit as three cruise ships are in Halifax, so there were several busloads of people taking day trips from the ships.  

This is the lighthouse, with tons of people walking all over the rock base.  This rock is what underlies the entire town and much of the area.  The visitor center has composting toilets, as do some of the homes.  The others rely of septic systems and cisterns for water.  Luckily, I take my own toilet and water system with me wherever I go, so I don't have to use public toilets.  Nice.

It was hard getting pictures without a bunch of people standing in front of me taking pictures!  About now is when it started sprinkling. I headed back to my parking spot at the visitor center and headed back to my campsite.

This is the view from my campsite.  Not bad!

I had planned to head for Lunenburg, another scenic town, today, but considering that two pairs of my shoes and my jacket was soaking wet, I decided to wait until tomorrow when there is supposed to be a little sun.  Hope so!!


  1. Makes me wish we'd done more eastern travel when we lived in Indiana.

  2. We are going to Nova Scotia this summer and your photo's make me so excited to go see this beautiful area. I was wondering where you camped in Peggy's Cove?

  3. I stayed at a place I would score as just OK. It was King Neptune Campground, very close to the Cove, but grass sites, although with a view. Check it out not only on their website but also on, and also on Google Maps. A warning that there is almost no motorhome parking in Peggy's Cove as it is a very tiny place with limited space for parking lots. So you will want to get there early if you have to bring your rig with you. Park near the visitor center. DO NOT Drive past this point because it gets narrow, and you will not be able to turn around.

    One really not-to-be-missed spot is Lunenburg, NS! There is a very nice city Board of Trade campground on the hill. It is basic, but with a choice of full hookup or electric/water sites. What makes it a great place to stay is that you can walk down the hill to the scenic part of the town. I would stay there again, in a flash!