Thursday, September 10, 2015

9/10 East Point Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

This isn't the best picture because I had to take it at a distance, but I saw this real Canadian Mounty as I was leaving my campground this morning.  Gorgeous horse, but when he saw my big vehicle, I assume he was afraid of the horse being spooked, so he cut off the road into a path.  I don't think there were any criminals around, so I assume he was just exercising his horse.

I have campground reservations in a new place close to the ferry to Nova Scotia that I will take on Saturday or Sunday, depending on the weather.  It is expected to rain for the next couple of days, so it will probably be Sunday.

Cute little lighthouse, anyway, on the very eastern point of Prince Edward Island.

Even nicer parking lot and place to eat the lobster roll I had bought in the last small town and watch the seagulls fish.  The tide was changing out front, as you could tell from the rough patches of ocean where the seagulls were clustered and diving for fish.  Just can't see it fro this photo.
Some assorted pieces of equipment.

And parts of an old lens.

At first I thought this was one piece of equipment, but then I realized that the bottom was an old lamp of some sort and the top was a radio.  See the label on the next photo.

Hard to read, but it says "Marconi radio" and includes some serial numbers.  Neat. 

I think this is the only lighthouse I have ever climbed where you went up at your own pace and without a guide.  Nice view at the top, but the windows were a bit salty and dirty.  The docent at the bottom said they could not go out on the ledge to clean them because it was unsafe, but they were hoping someday to get the money for repairs so they could go outside. 

Looking to the far left would be Newfoundland, if you could see it.  To the right is Nova Scotia, and they said you could see it on a good day.  Today was hazy.

The stairs to the top level. This time I came back down backwards so I would not fall as I did on steep stairs once on the icebreaker Mackinaw.

Evidence I was here.

Bottom level.  Do you notice something really unusual about this lighthouse?

Every other lighthouse I have been in has been cement.  This one is wood.  I did not think to ask why it was built of wood, but I know this area has strong storms and strong winds.  Strange.

Good view of the red sandstone cliffs. 

Tonight I am camped along a large bay with a mussel farm in front of me. (Looks like a lot of buoys in a square pattern.)  Will take photos tomorrow.  Found this video on the process: 

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