Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11 Seal Cove, Prince Edward Island

Today is a do-nothing day.  When you are on vacation, you can go, go, go, but when you live my life, you can't be a tourist every day.  Besides that, I teach online part time and have responsibilities to my classes.  Generally, my style is drive somewhere and do some sightseeing on the way, plus run errands like get groceries and such.  Then I sit for a day.  If it is a place where I can sit and look at something, even better.  I might sit for two days under those circumstances, which is why I don't post every day!!

So I spent today answering emails, getting my class ready for fall semester, reading a couple of my favorite blogs, going for a walk to take out my trash and head down the beach, and doing just some general tidying up and putting things where they belong.  I also called around to try to find someone to check my noisy wheel bearings, but got the usual story about my vehicle being to big or heavy to fit in their service area. I still have some postcards to write, now that I found my stamps.  

Now that Labor Day is over and Canadian kids are back in school, there are very few tourists around.  This campground has quite a few trailers in it, but almost no people except me and a couple that just pulled in a couple of doors down.  I picked a waterfront site with an 180 degree view of Murray Bay and Seal Cove.  If this were a week ago, this would be packed with families and RVs parked extremely close together.  Now I almost have it all to myself.

How is this for a view?

In front of me, there is a huge mussel farm.  Mostly it looks like a super-giant-sized field with buoys in rows and a grid.  Apparently, bags of young mussels hang from each buoy.  As the tides come in and out, they bring nutrients that the mussels filter.  I used my telephoto lens, so it is actually a lot farther away from me, but it was the only way you can see the buoys and the man checking on his farm.

It has been raining off and on all day, and is pretty cloudy and cool, but I did manage to go for a short beach walk and get some sand for my collection. I just started doing this, but it involves baking a quantity of sand in the microwave to dry it and kill all the critters, and then putting it in some glass bottles I bought and sealing the tops.  Someday, when I am too old to travel this way, I will have a house with a shelf for these little bottles of memories.  Note in the photos below that the sand here is reddish brown, a lot like sandstone cliffs from yesterday's photos!!  

This is a strange sandstone rock with a depression it in. 

If the rain stops tomorrow and we get just a hint of sun, I will take the ferry to Nova Scotia.  Otherwise, I will sit here again until Sunday.  It is a very pleasant place, even with the clouds and rain.  


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