Friday, September 4, 2015

9/3 Fundy National Park and

Yesterday, I left St. Martins and headed to a mall to investigate getting a pre-paid SIM card put in my iPhone 5. It is driving me crazy not to be able to call for reservations or get information about when things are open.  In addition, I dislike being out of touch and not even having the ability to call for help in an emergency.  I also wanted some data so I could look things up while I was driving.  

Frankly, not having a cell phone and the problems with getting internet access has kept me from traveling to Canada in the past.  I have been staying in commercial campgrounds with WiFi access, but the phone has still been a problem.  Using Verizon for Canada calls is $2 per minute and data is out of sight!  

So after checking out two stores, I ended up getting a SIM card with Rogers. It cost me about $45, which is expensive for not quite three weeks, but I wanted to try it out.  My iPhone 5s, by the way, is unlocked, but when I get a chance I want to take my old iPhone 4 to an Apple store to get it unlocked, so next time I want to do this, I can put a new SIM card and minutes on it.

So, off I went afterwards to Fundy National Park where I had a campsite reserved with water, electric, and internet access. 

And here is where I ran into my first problem.  This is looking from my motorhome out to the roadway that goes by the campsite.  Do you see how the entrance to my site is very narrow?  Compounded by the strategically parked white pickup truck, it took me a long time to get in without doing too much scraping on the gelcoat that is on my very expensive full body paint. 

Here is another view.  The really bad part is that I cannot ride my bike into Alma, the nearby town, or hardly anywhere in the park because of some steep hills.  So this means that when I go out sightseeing tomorrow, I will have to brush against more pine boughs and do the same thing parking when I return. 

This is part of the steep hill into town.  The next problem was that there was no internet, or at least almost no internet, even though I was only 150 feet from the hub and using my booster. Later that night, I did get a little but it kept booting me off.  AND, that new Rogers cell service I just bought?  Does not work here.  Considering that I have been undergoing satellite TV withdrawal, I am really electronically unplugged!!!

(Actually, I took this photo the next morning.  Nice view once you are out of the campground, at least.)

This is Nova Scotia in the distance, by the way.  Apparently, my phone works there.   

Some very nice chairs at a scenic overlook.  Nice touch!

Anyway, I used the tiny bit of internet access tonight and found out that a campground about an hour away had a vacancy.  Will get a refund for next two days in the morning and try to call the campground from Alma, the nearby town.   


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