Friday, July 27, 2012

7/27 Camping World

If you have a motorhome or any kind of RV, it is very likely that you have visited at least one Camping World.  (I have been to several and spent way more money than I wanted to.) You can get needed service done or buy exciting things like water hose caps or sewer hoses or replacement bulbs or just about anything you would need to go camping in an RV.

Rob and I spent most of today at one of these today getting an oil change and tire pressure checked on my new home.  It took over two hours before they even started work on my vehicle.  I was glad to know my tires were all fine and pressure was good.  Bought all of the above items, plus a large mat to put my rocking chairs on and chemicals for my black water tank.  Bypassed the folding bucket and the sink drainer as unnecessary, but I did take back my tire pressure gage I had bought a few weeks ago.

Tomorrow is cleaning day--vacuuming, scrubbing floors, dusting, etc.  Glad it is so small!  Then Monday we go off on another camping trip north of here along the coast.


  1. There have been some complaints in the RV world lately that Camping World has taken to charging for checking tire pressure. Did you run in to that? Cleaning the inside of the RV is one of the benefits compared to a house--doesn't take nearly as long.

  2. Actually, no they did not charge me. However, that may be because I had an oil change. I asked if it was included in an oil change, but never did get an answer. I was so worried about my tires and extremely happy that they had maintained correct air pressure in the 5,500 miles I have driven in the last three months.

    Guy did try to sell me new valve stem extensions for the duallies, before he even looked at them, but later I did find out the service person had no problems checking pressure, so I am postponing even the purchase of a tire pressure monitoring system. Might get it in September or October when my budget is more under control. Expensive!!

    Yes, about an hour spent cleaning included even washing windows and scrubbing floors! Smells fantastic right now, too.