Monday, July 16, 2012

7/16 Dinosaur National Monument

Yesterday, it was windy and rainy driving from Rawlins to Vernal, Utah.  A bit scary when you went over a crest of a hill and the wind hit you from the side, so it was 240 miles of holding tight to the steering wheel and reacting to conditions.  This area is usually very hot and dry, so the good thing about the rain was that it dropped the temps into the 70s and low 80s--much nicer for seeing things.

I was mostly driving secondary roads because I was getting tired of the huge trucks and heavy traffic on I 80.  At the advice of one of the park rangers from the day before, I took this incredibly wide and smooth route--almost no cars and trucks, and good, wide asphalt shoulders, so it was a nice ride, even with the wind.  Nice pullover areas, also.

Wyoming looks a lot like this when iit isn't raining:

Today, I visited the quarry at Dinosaur National Monument, and tomorrow I plan to see a natural history museum here.  Then, I will probably head for Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area on Wednesday that is north of here.  I have no idea where I am going to stay, but there are several walk-in areas and a few KOAs I can go to, depending on how long I want to sightsee and drive. 

Can't believe it.  I just had to unhook, close my slides, and move my motorhome over two feet because the idiot next to me put his awning up in these very narrow campsites, and it was flapping against my front slide.  It wasn't touching, exactly, but the part that hangs down was blowing in the wind and tapping against my vehicle.  They pulled in, set up the awning, and then left for the showers or pool or something.  I doubt if he even noticed that I had moved.  Most campers are pretty considerate, and this is the first person I have had invade my space.  His awning, by the way, hung at least four feet over my campsite space!!


  1. Got to be one bonehead in the crowd.

    1. I hope he enjoyed sitting on his picnic table right next to my sewer hose!! My slide, by the way, was at least three feet on my side of the line where the utilities were!