Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7/18 Back in Wyoming

I am just over the Wyoming border tonight, having driven through Flaming Gorge National Recreation area on the way to I 80 so I can head west to California.  The last two days have been tiring even though I drove only 150 miles each day, but those miles were nearly all up and down long grades on narrow roads.  That means I am gripping the steering wheel and either pushing hard on the accelerator or the brake--no relaxing behind the wheel on this 14,000 lb vehicle!!  I will be glad to get back to the Interstate all the way to Rob's house!

Yesterday, I took the 25 mile canyon drive from the east visitor center of Dinosaur National Monument.  There was hardly anyone else on the road and the overlooks were fantastic.  The best part was the lack of people or sounds from vehicles, so all you could hear was the wind.  The views went on for miles without any roads or signs of habitation.  Nice to just sit on a bench and listen to the wind.

Here is the only road I saw, and it was limited to four-wheel drive:

Today I drove from Vernal, Utah, past Flaming Gorge.  I took a tour of the dam and then stopped at several overlooks.  Check out the tiny dots.  They are boaters, one of whom is pulling a waterskier:

My only other adventure today was following a guy driving a very wide farm implement that hung over the center line by at least two feet.   He kept waving at me to pass, but there was less than a foot of gravel on the far edge before a dropoff of a foot or so and I was NOT going to take any chances of hitting the dirt and losing control of my vehicle or gashing the side of it on his equipment, so I just followed at 10 MPH for several miles!!  A few cars did pass, but they were narrower than my beast and even then, all ended up running their tires off the road.  I figured I would just follow him to wherever he was going, if that is what it took.  Eventually the road got a bit wider and I was able to pass. 

Dinner tonight was a BLT and a lime tart!  I have a comfortable bed, adequate shower, refrigerator full of food and drinks, more than one good book, so I am all set for the night.  Tomorrow I stop at Fort Bridger and then on to I 80 west.

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  1. Loving your travels. You have your stair incident behind you and all should be smooth sailing. I think you have relaxed right into this life. If you are having to use the brakes a lot, try shifting into a lower gear when going downhill. Should help.