Friday, July 6, 2012

7/6 Des Moines, IA

It has been 100 degrees most of the drive today, and I am very glad the sun has finally set and my AC is finally getting this place cool.  It took me longer than usual to hook my water supply up because the rubber washer was missing on the hose, and I had to steal one from another hose.  In the meantime, I was dripping and miserable.  By a little after 6, however, I was inside and having a shower to cool down and was glad to put on clean clothes--no going out for a walk tonight!!!!

Janice and Jonesie and the kids took me out for dinner last night, which was really nice.  I am really glad I stopped by to visit them and their new kitty.  Hopefully, I will be back that way again next year.  I am getting a little tired of my own cooking every day, so treated myself to a sausage McMuffin with egg for breakfast this morning.  Tasted good. 

It was so nice to see the kids.  Kyle is getting to be quite a nice young man and Makayla is now a teenager.  It won't be long before Janice and Jonesie have an empty house!  Kyle will be off to college this fall, so they won't see too much of him, I think. 

Good drive to Des Moines today.  I found a good grocery store and stocked up on some things I needed, especially bottled water, pop, and some fresh fruit.  I don't trust drinking the water from my storage tank in this hot weather since it comes out warm anyway.  It is OK for washing and flushing on the road, and I have a water hookup in this park tonight anyway. 

Driving is getting fairly routine.  I think my biggest fear is wiping out gas pumps as I pull out of gas stations.  (Something called "tail wag" can do that on a long rig.)  So far, I am using my mirrors and not getting into any trouble. 

Also, I am sorry I did not take more time in naming this blog.  I thought today that "Travels Without Charley" might be more appropriate, since I don't want any "Charley's" of any species accompanying me on my travels!!!  Might still change the name.

Grand Island, Nebraska, and the Stuhr Museum of Pioneer Life is my destination tomorrow.  It is supposed to be cooler there on Sunday, and I will be there for two days.  I am going to get a very early start tomorrow so I don't have to dump and unhook in the heat! 

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  1. Like your idea. You are much more than a Grandma, not that being a Grandma is not a wonderful thing but this IS YOUR new life.