Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7/9 Sterling, Colorado

I’ve been sleeping very well, getting up at about 8:00 am without an alarm clock, and heading out on the road by about 9:30 am.  This morning, I headed west on I 80 for Colorado.  Stopped at noon in Olalallah, Nebraska, when I saw a sign about a visitor center at a lake, and here it was. 

Nice place for lunch in my RV—cold shrimp cocktail and a candy bar.  Weather is a lot cooler now, especially since a lot of places had rain in the last couple of days.  Temps at noon here were about 80 but with a very nice breeze. 

Then onward to Sterling, Colorado, where I had reservations at Sterling North Reservoir Recreation Area.  In its infinite wisdom, my GPS kept telling me to get off the interstate about 40 miles earlier than the directions I had recommended.  However, the scenery on I 80 was getting dull, so I finally said, “What the heck?” and got off, following its direction at an intersection with absolutely no signs of life.
First, it took me down a country road and over the Platte River.  No problems taking this photo at all, due to lack of traffic:

Next, we went past a herd of these guys, or rather girls.  They seemed interested in being photographed:

Then over a barely marked railroad track.  No need for crossing arms or warning lights here.  Just stopped right on the tracks and took this photo:

Next, I turned onto this road:

And this very similar one:

And finally, after a lot of cornfields and a couple of barely noticeable tiny towns, plus a sign that warned that construction was about to begin and to watch for delays, voila, I was here:

No one on duty, so I checked in and put my money for my day-pass in an envelope:

 And here I am parked:

It’s actually very pretty around here.  Nice lake/reservoir and easy pull-through parking spots.  Just enough campers for security, but not too many to make you feel crowded.   

I went for a brief walk but forgot to take my binoculars with me so I could identify the birds down by the lake.  Temps have really cooled down here--highs in low 80s and lows st night around 50.  Tomorrow I see mountains!!!

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  1. Nice photos. Looks like you are in a nice park. Love the view of the lake in the last photo.