Tuesday, July 3, 2012

7/3 Getting into a Routine

I've learned that you really need to get into a routine if you want to make sure you don't have things crashing down or rattling horribly as you drive.  So, for example, as soon as I step out of the shower, I fasten the door open with the latch so it won't slam as I make a turn.  Ditto for putting down the TV antenna as soon as I am done watching TV, which is really very seldom these days since I have no satellite and most places have hardly any air channels.

So, as soon as I get out of bed in the morning, I make the bed and make sure all the drawers are shut and nothing is blocking the slide so it will shut properly.  Dirty laundry goes in a bag beside the bed, Kindle goes into a drawer, nightstand things get moved up to kitchen so they don't fly. 

Working my way forward, everything on bathroom counter has to go into a drawer.  Toilet lid needs to be kept closed so nothing falls into it.  Double-check shower door.  Items on dinette get put away, as do any items left on kitchen counter at night.  Slam drawers to make sure they stay shut.  Ditto for cabinets above sofa and recliner.  Anything that has to stay out goes into the sink or on the floor, because that's where it will end up in a sharp turn anyway.  Even with all of this, I can hear things rattle and fall as I drive.  It is slightly distracting to try to figure out what has happened, but obviously you can't stop to look. 

Today I drove only about 160 miles, some of it in the wrong direction (as I did in Scotland) because I had programmed the headquarters of this park into the GPS instead of the actual park.  I ended driving around subdivisions and an industrial park 14 miles away from here!!  Finally stopped, did some internet searching and found my way here.  Filled my tank with wonderfully cold water at this public park.  Felt like taking a shower in it right then and there!  I have a quiet, fairly large spot that is level and grassy.  Nice distance from neighbors also.  No water or sewer hookup, but I do have power for my AC, which is all that really counts in this weather. 

Tomorrow, I get to see my nephew and his family!!    

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  1. Love your granny blog Judy! Thanks for letting us go along for the ride. :)