Sunday, July 8, 2012

7/8 Grand Island, Nebraska

Second day here.  Visited an indoor-outdoor museum, but my old camera died while I was trying to take photos.  It has been telling me it needs new batteries, but when I put them in, it still says batteries are low.  (I guess I have dropped it too many times.)  Today, it just refused to open and close and kept shutting itself off as soon as I opened it, so off to Best Buy!!  Found a very nice Sony Cybershot DSC-H90 with panorama, image stabilization, and good optical zoom.  Hope I made a good choice!  Battery is charging now so I will try it out later.

Dinner was a rotisserie chicken from a local grocery store, stovetop stuffing, cranberry sauce, and frozen mini-cream puffs.  I now have several cooked meals I can heat up any time easily.

OK, I am going to try to upload a photo.  Here goes. This is a photo of my very comfortable living room.  Note the stepstool that doubles as an end table:

And here is a photo of my handsome nephew and his family in front of their home in Minneapolis.  Sister Makayla is 13 and just got an adorable, tiny new kitten last week.  Kyle will be a college student next Fall. I had not seen their house in a long time, and they have really made some improvements since they bought it 12 years ago:

I'll try to take some more photos with my new camera next week.  Hope I can get the few I took today off the old camera.  Luckily I downloaded a bunch last night.  Must have known.

Tomorrow morning I get my tire pressure checked and then head for Sterling, Colorado!  Yea!  Tuesday will be Rocky Mountain National Park, where I will be camping without power or any hookups for four days.  Good thing that it will be very chilly at night, so no need to have AC.  My batteries do fine powering lights and most systems, but no AC, TV, or microwave.  There are shuttles throughout the park and to nearby Estes Park, so I should be fine without external power.  I can run my generator briefly, if needed to recharge batteries. 

Westward Ho!!

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