Thursday, July 5, 2012

7/5 Minneapolis, MN

I am in a county park west of Minneapolis with nice, large, grassy spots and an electric hookup for my AC, which is keeping me nicely cool.  It is very quiet here, with enough neighbors for good security and the police do patrol at night.

Visited with my nephew and his family yesterday--very hot here, even if this is Minnesota!  We ate outdoors at a neighbors and then walked to a nearby park for a really nice fireworks display.  I believe I heard rain in the night, and it is cooler today, but not by much.  I need to run a couple of errands today, an important one will be to buy a tire pressure monitoring system so I don't have to worry about my tires getting flat or being overinflated.  It is really hard to check tire pressure when you have dual rear tires because you need a gauge long enough to reach through the rim of one tire to get to the inside tire, so I need to buy one of those also. 

I really feel secure in these campgrounds.  There are mostly families or older couples camping and a lot of big rigs of one sort or another.  I also leave my porch light and my steps retracted all night, but of course I forgot to turn the porch light on last night, so Jonesie had to use her car headlights when I got home late.  In spite of advice to have male dummy in the front seat and put a pair of men's shoes outside, it is pretty obvious that I am traveling alone, so I am skipping the silly subtrafuges!   And, no, I am not getting a big dog for "protection."  

My Verizon jetpack is working well, so it is nice to have internet access wherever I am.  We shall see if it works as well in remote places, however.  I am keeping up with my online class every evening, just as I would if I were at home.  TV, however, is very minimal, since I can only get local "air" tv and this mostly consists of old sitcoms and other such horrible daytime stuff.  Watched Price is Right yesterday morning--ugh.

Tomorrow morning I head for Des Moines, IA, and the day after that I arrive at Grand Island, Nebraska for two days.  There is supposed to be a very nice museum there, and hopefully, this heat will have abated a bit by then.


  1. I'ts great to leave the porch lite on while you are out but, remember, it may be shining in someone else's rig if you leave it on all night. And don't ever leave those "scare lites" on if you have them. Newbies will sometimes do that to make themselves feel secure but they are really probably in danger from their neighbors who have that horrible glare coming in their bedroom window. I know you would never do that.

  2. I love the idea of "Travels Without Charlie." Charlie could be of the four-legged species, or could represent those big shoes you're not setting on the steps. :-)