Friday, August 3, 2012

8/2 - Northern California, Redwood Country

My son and grandchildren and I have been traveling through northern California.  We drove north from Napa along 101 and then cut over to the coast on U.S. 20 to Fort Bragg along a very scenic, but under construction and winding mountainous road that went through deep redwood forest.  No photos because there was no place to stop and driving took a lot of focus.  Stopped at a cozy campsite here:

We stopped at a couple of beaches along the coast on U.S. 1.  Kids had a lot of fun playing in the beach and especially along a small creek that flowed into the ocean where we picnicked:

There are a lot of little parks along U.S. 1 and 101 where you have no electric or hookups but can camp along the ocean.  Someday I want to drive from north to south, but I think I will stick to U.S. 101 as it is still scenic but not as winding or scary as U.S. 1. 

Next, U.S. 1 cut back away from the coast on a REALLY hairy road—constant turns and twists, with ups and downs that made the beast struggle.  No room for pulling over for photos, but just imagine a lot of redwoods.   Spent the night at a very nice campground in Fortuna, CA.  Kids enjoyed the pool and we went for a bike ride along the Eel River.  Next day we went to Redwood National Forest and enjoyed a hike to Trillium Falls.  Had trouble parking and driving in some areas, but this was really pretty place for another picnic:

Drove back through Avenue of the Giants, and did see some giants: 

The middle picture shows a single tree where the base has been damaged by fire, so you can walk inside.  Can you believe the size of the roots on the last fallen tree?? 
We're in a child's paradise of an RV park as of last night and staying through tonight.  Kids are fishing now, but there is a playground, petting zoo, two swimming pools, and lots of other things I will post about tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a fabulous time. So glad.