Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8/29 People Watching

I turned my recliner around so that I can see my TV more easily and also out of the fron cab windows better.  One of the advantages of not having it tied down.

This makes for really good people watching.  It is about noon, and I have been watching people pack up and leave for the last couple of hours.  The typical camper seems to stay no more than 2-3 nights, so there is a lot of coming and going.  Right now I am watching an older couple pack up their popup trailer--that is a LOT of work!  Everything has to get folded right, and the two of them have been tucking the canvas sides and ends in, lowering the top a bit, and then doing more tucking in.  It has taken them an hour.

Today, I am taking an at-home day.  My biggest activity, when I get around to it, will be emptying my fresh water tank and changing the water filter.  (Actually, I am not sure there is even an existing water filter, but I know I have to put one in.)  I also need to check the tire pressure on my bike because I want to take a ride tomorrow morning before it gets hot.  I might also take the shuttle and get a fresh loaf of bread.  Other than that, my students have a big assignment due tonight, so I told them they could call me and I have been answering emails. 

I baked four pasties last night and froze three.  That was an effort, but it means I now have three easy meals in the freezer. 

Can hear rain on the roof.  Days are hot here, but every afternoon so far, we have had rain. Then it cools off to about 48 degrees every night, so the furnace goes on.  An hour ago, there was not a cloud in the sky, but now it is spotty.  Likely the rain will not last long, but it has made the grass grow and the elk love it.  (The canyon is green in spots instead of the usual brown because of all the rain.)  Here is the big guy two campsites down that I videotaped from about 10 feet last night.  He was very close to a popup trailer and stayed around the area for more than two hours, wandering around from one area of browse to another.  He likes grass and oak leaves:
3:26 p.m.  -  Sprinkles and rain since morning, so this is a good day for staying inside and reading and working.  Can't do my outside chores, however. 

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