Sunday, August 26, 2012

8/26 Grand Canyon, Arizona

I made it! After more than a year of planning, I am set up in my campsite at Grand Canyon in my motorhome. I am really exhausted after my long drive from Napa, so I am just relaxing the rest of today.  Tomorrow, I will take the shuttle and go see the Canyon, which I have not even peeked at yet.  Got here and went right to my site.   

I have all the groceries and propane I need for at least a week, plus I have full hookups. The park service has a shuttle that runs all day, so I can hop on and off, leaving my vehicle parked.  Because of the altitude, it is a lot cooler here than the rest of Arizona.  Night temps will be in the 40s, which is nice.  They have also had a lot of rain lately.  I just got hooked up and settled before the a thunder storm hit, so temps are getting chilly and I will probably need my furnace tonight. Love it! 
More tomorrow, but here is my campsite. I asked for a site near the shuttle pickup spot, so the ranger gave me this one--very short walk and no one on one side of me:

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  1. You look all nice and cozy settled in. I can't wait for the tour you are going to take us on. Have the time of your life! I'm sure you'll meet other campers if you sit outside as well as on the tour bus and you have a whole week to soak it in!