Tuesday, August 14, 2012

8/14 Day With the Kids

Today is the first day for teachers, so Rob and Jen are at work and kids are with me all day.  We will be going to Target to return some stuff and stopping at McDonalds for lunch.

I am still sorting through and moving stuff around in my motorhome.  I would bet that almost everything has been in at least two, and maybe three, places since I left home.  The problem is that when I first moved my stuff in, I was very rushed and just stuffed things where I could fit them.  I also had a couple of bins to bring out here to California that were taking up space. And most importantly, I had not really had the experience of living in the vehicle yet. Here is my outside storage:

I have four large "basement" areas on the passenger side of the vehicle and four on the driver's side, plus two pass-through areas that connect basement areas. The third from the front on the driver's side is the septic and electrical area, so it is not really for storage, and I use the one behind it to store my clean water hoses, stool, extra electrical cords, tv cable, and other things for hooking up.  The front two basement areas on the driver's side are for extra clothing, books, legal and financial papers, extra kitchen things, and other stuff I will very seldom use because those two areas are very hard to access when the living room slide is open.  Almost everything is in bins that can be easily lifted out.

From back to front on the driver's side, the last area has been designated my picnic area.  It holds some small bags of charcoal, my small folding table, plastic table cloths, kindling, lighters, and patio mat, etc.  The next area contains air compressor, bike bag, and bike helmet.  (Maybe some other things??  Need to check.)   The two front basement areas are on either side of my front door, so I have put things I will use often--on the left is my vacuum cleaner and toolbag.  On the right, I have decided to put extra bottled water, coke, and paper stuff.  Since I will be in national parks for more than a month, I've stocked up on paper towel, toilet paper, plates, cups, and extra groceries that can stand the heat. 

There are pass-through areas between the last two basements and the front basement, so those hold my folding rocking chairs, bunk ladders, and a bunch of small boxes that have not yet found a home.

As you can see, I really have more than enough storage.  More on inside storage later. 

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  1. I've had my 5th wheel for 3 years but don't get to full-time. I still find myself rearranging things as I have time and use the RV. Same things happen, probably more so on the inside. You rearrange based on how often you use things and also, on how things ride. For example, things in the cupboards across the back of the RV tend to move more while things closer to the front don't move at all. That helps determine what to store there as well as how to pack them.