Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8/8 Home Sweet Home

I have been asked if I am bored traveling yet.  The answer is, "No, at least not yet." I still have so many places to look forward to, and right now I am looking forward to spending a week at the South rim of Grand Canyon, six days at Lake Powell in a beautiful campground, six days at the North Rim.  Then it will be Zion and Bryce.  How can you be bored by that???

I am also looking forward to all of the state parks I am staying at in Florida next winter.

I am living in a small place, but for a motorhome it is a big one, and with the two slides, seems plenty roomy.  No claustrophobia yet, although I have not spend two or three rainy days in it yet.  (I have my DVD player and have been saving up videos for rainy days.)  One advantage to being only one person is that you have a lot of storage space, and I have still not maxed out mine.  I have my stuff around me, and it really feels like home.  I may only have 10% or even less of the stuff I once lived with, but it is enough.  Most importantly, I have my recliner and a very comfortable bed!  With my Kindle and a stack of books, what more do I need? 

I have hardly watched any television in the past two months, by the way, and only miss it a little bit.  I spend a lot of time online with my Verizon jetpack, and have not had problems finding a good, fast signal even in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Hoorah for Verizon!! 

Tomorrow morning, my son and grandkids and I are heading to Monterey and the acquarium.  Then, we will go whale watching on Saturday.  Going to be fun! 

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