Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/22 Loose Ends

Getting loose ends tied up and packing stuff away to get ready to leave Napa. My replacement steps are supposed to be in on Thursday.  I was going to head out to Davis around noon to the dealer and then head south on my way to Grand Canyon.  Instead, I will delay my departure another day and head for the dealer on Friday. Will have to cancel first day in GC, but since I had 7 days planned there, that is fine to only have 6 days. Just hoping steps make it on time to get them installed on Friday and the door torn apart and fixed.

Discovered the dealer was NOT planning on fixing the drawer under the refrigerator that smashed into the cabinet and created a large hole.  I have to put something there whenever I drive so it doesn't continue to do damage.  Also eventually need to get cabinet repaired.  They keep claiming I overloaded it, but when I ask for the load limits for all the drawers and cabinets, customer relations says there are no load limits  Still trying to reach service guy and Fleetwood Customer Relations.  If it does not all get fixed, I will be parking in the factory parking lot in early November, since I am retired and have nothing better to do!! 

Did some grocery shopping this morning and have loaded the freezer and refrigerator with enough stuff for a week of meals for one. I have stocked my "basement" with enough paper stuff to last a couple of months.  Will get bread and fruit on the way. (Packed my 3 new bottles of wine in a new cooler with some cold packs, so they will not spoil in the desert. Just don't have room for them in the refrig. Will add prescription drugs to the cooler because they will spoil in high temps also.) Tomorrow I am going to just spent some time looking around Napa and maybe riding my bike.  I want to walk around in the new area near the river in downtown and ride my bike to Yountville.  With all the family and kid stuff, I seldom get a chance to really do touristy stuff while I am here.  Babysitter will be here for the kids.

Got laundry to finish, and Rob is going to help me wash the beast tonight.  Only thing left to do it fasten my bike on the bike rack, and I will be ready to head out!  From Davis, it is about a 750 mile drive to GC, and will take about three days at my usual speed. 

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