Tuesday, September 30, 2014

9/29 Drive to Red Bluff, CA

This drive had two impressive sites: Mount Shasta and an almost dry Shasta lake.  Mount Shasta is certainly impressive.  It really fills the landscape. They had a little rain recently, so the top now has snow.  Apparently, it has been dry on top for several months.   

 This is a cinder cone, not too far from Mount Shasta.

These next photos are really lousy because I took them without looking at the camera screen.  Since I was driving, I just aimed the camera in a general area and kept snapping photos.  In any case, you can see how empty Lake Shasta is.  There is still enough water for boating because you can see the marina way down at the bottom.

Hope this drought ends soon for California.  What is bad is that the temperatures are expected to be in the 90s in the Bay Area this coming week, which is VERY unusual and not very good when you are hoping for rain. 

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