Wednesday, September 10, 2014

9/7 Cape Lookout State Park

This campground was a little more tight than Fort Stevens, but the sites were much closer to the ocean.  Love hearing the surf at night!  The first night, I had one of the full hookup inner sites, shown here.

Then I moved to the only electric and water site along the dunes among the tent sites.  I could not see the ocean because of the high dune hill on the left in this photo, but it was a short walk to one of the beach entrances. 

Very nice beach.  The next two photos were taken at medium tide.

The following photos were taken at an exceptionally low tide.

 It looks like this is too deep to wade in, but it is really only maybe a quarter inch deep so easy to walk in without getting your feet wet.  I love these very shallow beaches because they are so wide during low tide.

Good surfing waves! 

The north end of the beach had a lot of streams and rivulets where the water was draining.  I was able to walk on the dry spots for a quite a ways.

One large area looked like a strange moonscape.  I assume if I had waited long enough most of these puddles would have drained completely.  The sand was really hard so it was very easy to walk here. 

Eventually, I got my sandals wet because I had to wade across some puddles in order to get to the sandbar and the surf. 

Hardly any shells on this beach, but here is a jelly that I found. It was still alive.

And this is a view from the edge of the surf back to the campground.  My motorhome is just behind the dune about in the middle of this photo.  Amazingly wide beach!

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