Thursday, September 18, 2014

9/18 Smith Rock State Park

I am staying in another state park, but this one is not too far away and was recommended to me for the scenery.  It is very popular with rock climbers. Wish the sun had been brighter because the colors were really nicer than they look in these photos.

This used to be part of a private ranch.  Can you imagine living here and looking at this outside of your window?

Wish my knees and back were in better condition so I could hike some of these trails. The small visitor center is out of site on the left at the top of the canyon, and the bridge takes hikers across the river to the climbing wall and some other hiking trails. 

This is a very popular rock climbing wall.  The trail going up on the opposite side to the right is called Misery Trail.  I can see why.  

Such a pretty place! 

I kept trying to get photos when the sun was out, but there were still a lot of clouds. Nice to see the reflections in the river.

After I left here, I did some mundane things like getting a haircut and doing some shopping.

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