Wednesday, September 3, 2014

9/2 Fort Stevens State Park

Fort Stevens State Park is on the far northwestern tip of Oregon where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.  It is also the largest state park in Oregon and has over 300 campsites in big trees. 

I headed to the beach today, about a mile from my campsite, to see the wreck on the beach. 

As the sign says, the ship was an iron-hulled sailing ship that wrecked in 1909.

This is looking south to Cape Lookout.

Rough water would make good surfing.

Down at the far north tip of the spit of land that makes up the state park is the mouth of the Columbia River and some wetlands.

Nice observation tower.  The South Jetty is a long strip of large rocks that protects the river and the shipping channel.

This is the view south along the ocean coast from the tower.

And this is the view across the river to Washington.  You can barely see white Cape Disappointment lighthouse in the distance.

 Lots to do at this state park. Tomorrow I visit the old fort. 


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