Wednesday, August 27, 2014

8/25 Mount St. Helens

I have circled the Olympic Peninsula counter-clockwise and am now headed slowly south, down the coast of Washington and Oregon. I took a slight detour before my next coastal campground in Oregon and headed over to see Mount St. Helens again.  I was here about 20 years ago when Rob was working counting owls.  It has grown up a lot, but it is still one impressive mountain!

You can see the Toutle River in this photo.

I like the way the visitor center is built into the hillside.  They have glass windows in the front that would be destroyed by another volcano blast, but there are survival rooms and equipment in the basement.

Note that I am the only motorhome properly parked in the RV spaces.

This is a memorial to the people who died in the 1980 eruption.

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