Saturday, August 16, 2014

8/11 Neah Bay, Olympic Peninsula, WA

Thank you, McDonalds!  I am having Verizon Jetpack problems so catching up using their free WiFi.  Hope it works.

Neah Bay is as far northwest in the United States you can get without getting very wet.  My friends Ron and Jan picked me up at the campground and took me out here for a hike.  They live out here in Port Angeles, but I knew Ron from high school and Jan from the reunion planning group.

There is an excellent Native American Museum at Neah Bay containing artifacts dug up in the area and owned by the tribe.  We stopped there and then had lunch before going to the hiking area. 

Isn't this a weird tree???

It's about an .8 of a mile easy walk out to the very end of the point of land. 

This is a small island in the distance.

And me, almost in the Pacific Ocean.

Can you see the seals on this piece of rock?

I took a close-up of this mother seagull and her two chicks.  They are very hard to see because they are so well hidden by their spotted coats.  Look for legs. 

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