Saturday, August 16, 2014

8/13 Salt Creek Recreation Area, WA

Salt Creek is a county park and campground about 15 miles west of Port Angeles.  It is very convenient to much of the Olympic Peninsula, but the real reason for staying here is the incredible view!

The only problem I had was that Canada was right across the sound, so that I could not use my cell phone or mobile hotspot without roaming and incurring hundreds of dollars of charges.  I ended up driving into Port Angeles to contact my students.  They had good cell service there so I did not pick up any international roaming.
The tide pools were a scramble down a bunch of rocks, and since I was only here for three days and it rained all of one, I did not make it down there. 

Here is one of the very tame local resident black-tailed deer.  He is a young buck, by the looks of his small, growing antlers. 
Foggy and rainy campground!  I liked the paved roads and asphalt camping pads, and also the fact that almost all sites faced the ocean. 

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