Saturday, August 16, 2014

8/14 Sol Duc Falls

I was on my way to another campground, and parked not too far away from Sol Duc Falls.  Once again, Ron and Jan picked me up and drove us down the long road to the falls. 

This is really beautiful northern rain forest. Hard to take photos of such large trees. 

This is a rocky area, no doubt created when water washed away the sand and dirt from among the rocks.  Many of the rocks are now covered with moss.  Pretty.

And Sol Duc Falls, themselves.  This is a fault or crack in the earth where the river falls down the crack, producing a multi-stream waterfall.

This plant in bloom is called Devil's Club.  It has sharp spines that dig into your flesh and cause swelling and possible infection.  I had never seen it in bloom before, but it is definitely on the Do Not Pick the Flowers list!

And here I am by the falls, looking a bit rumpled and worn out. 

Just more pictures of the falls and hiking path.

Weather here, by the way, has been cool and damp with lots of morning and sometimes even afternoon fog.  Highs have been in 60s, so good weather for walking.  Hard to get a suntan around this place!

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