Saturday, September 13, 2014

9/13 Hatfield Marine Science Center & Oregon Coast Aquarium

Went for another long bike ride today, and since I had remembered by cable lock, I could visit the two attractions nearby. (Now, if I could always remember my helmet, I would be happy.)

The Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center is owned by Oregon State University and is free.  It is well worth an hour or two stop. 

Several touch-pools for kids and adults who are brave enough to touch spiky and slimy things.

Very nice displays with lots of things for kids to do.

I thought this walrus skull was impressive.
And this Orca skull.

The aquarium is right around the corner, but was very disappointing especially since it cost almost $20 per person.  If you have seen Monterey Bay Aquarium or the one in Baltimore, skip this one.  Only interesting thing was the puffins I videotaped, below.   

This is the aquatic bird exhibit.

The puffins were really acting silly--diving and flapping and running back and forth on top of the water.

Click on the link to the video I posted on YouTube that shows this much better than a still photo.  (Hope this link works.)

There were some seals and sea otters outside, but I couldn't get close enough to see them.  These are some turkey vultures that someone found.  They really don't belong in an aquarium, but they needed a home.

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