Friday, September 26, 2014

9/26 Drive Along Oregon Coast to Harris Beach

The drive from Bandon south along the coast is one of the nicest in Oregon or Washington because Hwy 101 is mostly directly along the shore so there are lots of scenic pull-offs.  I stopped at Cape Blanco because I wanted to check out the campground, but ended up at the lighthouse on the point of land that juts out into the Pacific.

As I was standing there looking at the rocks, someone pointed out the grey whales that were feeding just offshore.  It was hard to take photos because I would end up snapping the shutter either just before or after a whale blew.  Here is one that I did catch.  Grey whales do not breach or make large blows.

The red arrow here shows the end of a blow, but the blue arrows show the large, dark shapes of the whales just under the surface.\.

Back on the road and more scenery. 

Wouldn't it be nice to live in one of the homes on the hills shown here???
Not a very long drive today, but one with a lot of stops.  Finally arrived at Harris Beach State Park.  My site is much more open and sunny, which makes me happier.  Also, while it does not have as good a view of the ocean as the ones across the road, I can see a couple of peeks from my side window when I stand up!  And the edge of the cliff looking down is a very short walk away. 

You can see the back ends of the RVs just across the road from my site. They have terrific views through the trees.  The road shown here is old Hwy 101 and now part of the state park. 

It goes down a steep hill and dead ends down by the swimming beach.

Some people are enjoying a swim.

If I get up the energy, I will get my bike out tomorrow and ride down here.    

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