Friday, September 26, 2014

9/25 Bandon, Oregon

I stayed several days here in Bullard Beach State Park, but it rained a lot of the time and the beach was a very long walk.  Also, I have discovered over the last year that I do not like heavily wooded campsites--make me feel claustrophobic.  I would much rather be someplace out in the open where I can see long distances.  Anyway, I did not take any photos of the campsite, but today the sun came out so I went out exploring and found this little lighthouse.


The lighthouse is at the opening of the harbor of Bandon, across the river.

After leaving the lighthouse, I went into the nearby town of Bandon to look around.  Nice little harbor and pretty town with candy store and bakery.  Had some fried clams for lunch and brought home clam chowder for dinner.  Also got an almond croissant for breakfast tomorrow.

It was still a wild and windy day today, as you can tell by the surf here at the edge of the breakwall. This newer lighthouse has a fog horn that beeps day and night!  I can hear it from the campground.

Along the harbor, they have a lot of carved statues and benches.  Each has a plaque on it dedicating it to somebody.  I liked this sea lion mother and baby.

This is a fisherman with pole.

And what I think is a native American holding a sea turtle.

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