Sunday, July 28, 2013

7/27 Keyhole State Park to Cody, WY

This was a very long drive--315 miles.  I try to limit my driving to no more than 200 miles per day, preferably even less, because it is so exhausting to drive a big vehicle.  Unlike driving a car, you have to keep both hands on the wheel and are constantly correcting your steering because winds and other vehicles affect how well your vehicle stays in a straight line.  In addition, I am always aware of other vehicles piling up behind me, so I take opportunities to pull over as often as possible to let them go past.

This was an exceptionally interesting drive because the scenery changed so much.  The trip started out through high plains and then mountains appeared in the distance.

After driving over the Powder River Pass at 9,600 feet. 

Then, the road dropped down a very long grade through a couple of switchbacks through a narrow canyon with sharp cliffs on each side.

And then, the mountains were left behind, and I drove through this weird area of desert hills. It looks very different from the plains back 200 miles.

Eventually, the land got smoother, and it looked more like the plains.

Finally, I made it to Cody, and drove through the town to the reservoir and state park. Really beautiful place to camp!


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