Friday, July 26, 2013

7/25 Devil's Tower National Monument

For me, this was one of the "Wow" things I have seen.  You first see it and say, "Wow"!

And when you get up close, it's still a "Wow."

They really need a shuttle here.  The area at the base of the tower is really small, so there is only one small parking lot for cars and RVs must park along the exit road.  You can see that there is only room for about 7-8 small to medium-sized RVs.  They do have a drop-off place at the bottom, so you can leave a towed vehicle or a trailer down there, and they require that based on your total for longer and bigger vehicles.  It took me two four-mile round trips before someone left, and I found a place to park.  Whew!

There are a lot of rocks at the base of the tower.  Some kids and a very few adults were clambering up these, but are very hard to see. Some of the rocks are bigger than cars or even houses.

There is a 1.3 mile path around the tower, and it was not too hot, so I walked around the whole thing.  The sign said it was supposed to take 45 minutes.  Ha!!  Took me almost two hours since it was up and down and I sat on a lot of benches along the way.

The view from the back was as impressive as the front.

Whatever these little flowers are, they smelled wonderful!

Since the Native Americans consider this tower as sacred, they do not encourage climbers, but it is allowed most months of the year.  Can you see this group in the middle of the picture?  They have a long way to go to the top. 

There is a prairie dog colony near the roadway on the way out. This little fellow posed nicely for his photograph.  Notice how green and lush the grass is. They have had rain every 2-3 days around here, so everything is wet.  (It rained the night before I took these photos, keeping me up, and it also rained late this evening.)

Most, however, disappeared as soon as I snapped the photo, so I ended up with several photos that looked like this:

It was a long drive back to my campground, but a good day, overall. 

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