Monday, July 1, 2013

6/30 Highway from Gunnison over Monarch Pass

I stopped in Gunnison for gas and a car wash to get rid of some of the dust and grit on my motorhome.  It is hard to find a coin-operated car wash big enough.  This one was tall enough, but a bit narrow, and I had to wash the front half, then pull forward to get the rear half.  The brush would not reach very far, but at least I was able to use the wand to get most of the bugs and dirt off.  Nothing like being only 5'1" tall and trying to wash a 12' high vehicle.  Guess I need to take photos the next time. 

Here are some of the beautiful photos up to and over Monarch Pass.  I stopped about 3/4 of the way up to rest and have a snack.  A couple took my photo and I took some of them.  The lady was exhausted because they had taken a ski lift chair up to Crested Butte Mountain and then were too scared to ride down in the open chair so hiked 7 miles.  I think I would have closed my eyes and ridden down!

Here is the crest at 13,000 feet and more photos of the way down.  I had stopped on the way up to ride the gondola to the very top, so did not bother to stop this time.  You'll notice that there was not much traffic ahead of me.  That's because it was all behind me!!  I do pull over when I can to take photos and let cars go by, however.  I do not feel comfortable driving down a mountain at 65 miles an hour!!  And I certainly cannot drive up that fast. 

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