Friday, July 12, 2013

7/12 Badlands National Park

Hot, hot, hot!  I had been worried about the heat here at the Badlands, but it has been in the 80s and low 90s most of the last few weeks.   When I arrived yesterday, however, temps were 102!  I had reservations for two days in the national park campground with electric, so at least I had my AC, but even running full-blast, it would not cool the inside below 85 degrees, so it was really miserable until the sun went behind some clouds around 7:30 pm.  I cannot imagine what it was like for the many tent campers. 

The campground is pretty basic, but the scenery more than makes up for it.


Sleeping was OK because the lowered evening temperatures meant that my AC finally caught up and cooled the inside temps down to where I like them.  I got up very early this morning and drove the loop to Wall.  Very pretty drive with lots of places to pull over.


It has been 35 years since I was last in this area and remember it as being a lot less green.  Apparently, as I was told, they had a drought last year and a dry spring, but a lot of rain in the last month, so there is a lot of green grass and even some water in a few of the creeks in the surrounding area.  The next few pictures show how green it is in the surrounding plains and some of the little valleys in the Badlands.

I have decided NOT to spend another night in the heat expected this afternoon, so will be heading up the road to somewhere just a bit cooler.

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