Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7/16 Custer State Park, Black Hills, SD

This is pretty country.  Nice drive in to Custer State Park across the plains, with a first glimpse of the mountains in the distance.

I really like state parks, and this one exemplifies why--beautiful scenery, widely spaced campsites, nearby visitor centers and things like bike trails and ranger talks.  This is my campground and the bike trail I took to the nearby visitor center.

And the best part of staying in a state park like this one is the opportunity to see wide open spaces and wildlife, like the antelope and buffalo I saw today.

These buffalo were conveniently grazing very close to a pull-off.  Luckily it was big enough for several cars and RVs because a lot of people had stopped to take photos.

I took some photos of wildflowers on my bike ride yesterday and on my drive today, but I need to identify them before I post them.  Stay tuned.

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