Monday, July 15, 2013

7/13 Wall,SD

OK, I know everyone makes fun of Wall, SD, because of the incredibly well-advertised tourist trap, Wall Drug. 

Well, it was a few degrees cooler here than in the Badlands down the road, so I came here for two nights.  The campground was not my favorite, but it was less than two blocks from downtown and Wall Drug.  I also happened to come on the weekend when the town was holding its reunion for all the people who lived here at one time or another--sort of a super-Homecoming.  There was a rodeo, which I skipped, but there was entertainment in a big tent and a parade. It was also a pleasant evening walk the first night I was there to wander around town after all the shops were closed for the night.

Next day was the parade.  I really like small town parades.  There were all the town rescue and fire trucks--a lot more than the average town would have because part were from the U.S. Forest Service to put out grass fires. 

Even the library staff did some very rough chair and reading drills!

And these kids had a pretty neat pony cart. The pony was pretty frisky and clearly needed Mom to keep him in control.

And there were horses.

And even the slightly elderly cavalry band was there.  They had to stop the parade soon after I took this photo because one of the trumpet players started to pass out from heat stroke in the 95 degree temps.  They found a doctor in the crowd and gave him ice water to cool him off.

By the way, this is the only parade I have ever been to where everyone was sitting or standing on only one side of the road--the shade side, of course!

Anyway, I went for breakfast at the Wall Drug Café and wandered around the shops.  Bought myself a new fanny pack and some little ones for each of my grandkids. 

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