Saturday, July 6, 2013

7/5 Denver Botanic Gardens

This was a disappointing day.  I had called yesterday to make sure that there was a place to park my very large vehicle.  I even specified the length.  I was told that it would not be a problem; they had plenty of parking, and I could even park in the nearby park if there was a problem.

So, I got there using my old GPS because my RV GPS that has information  programmed into it about my vehicle's height, length, weight, etc. and keeps me from going under bridges that are too short had been sent back for warranty work.  Anyway, this very old, very basic GPS took me down some very narrow downtown Denver streets, and through that park the lady on the phone had referred to.  Not only did it have very large signs posted about a weight limit of 7,000 pounds and small parking lots.  My vehicle weighs 15,000 pounds, but I drove past the signs anyway because I did not know how or where to turn around. 

I got to the botanical gardens and was upset to find that I could not park in the lower level of the garage because the height limit was only 8'2" and I needed a full 12'.  And I could not park on the roof because it had a weight limit again of 7,000 pounds.  I considered parking there anyway because it was accessible from street level, but then thought of the problems extricating my vehicle if it broke through the roof!!  To say nothing of watching then extricate the vehicles underneath on the first level!  Not a good visual imagine, so I circled the block until I found some street parking.  Unfortunately, there were tree branches along all of the streets in this very residential area.  I managed to find a place where the branches did not scratch too badly, but it bothered me how narrow the street was and how much traffic was going past.

The gardens were lovely, and I wish I could have felt comfortable spending more time there.  I spent about an hour taking some photos, but then decided to move my vehicle and head for home.  I did let one volunteer and one real employee about how they should verify information before telling people that they had "plenty of parking" for motorhomes.

Anyway, it is a beautiful place and someday I will try to go back, but with a car this time. 

Did some grocery shopping on the way home, and then took a load of laundry down to the campground laundry building and watched some bunnies munching on the grass.  Cute.

I do like this campground because the spots are so clean and well spread out.  I will come back here again.

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