Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5/31 New Electric Bike!

For my birthday next month, I have treated myself to a new electric bike.  I do not tow a vehicle and my knees have periodically bothered me while I ride my regular bike, plus my stamina for long rides seems to be less.  All of these reasons led me to investigate getting a small motor scooter.  After some research, I found out about electric bikes, and figured they would give me the mobility I needed to explore state and national parks and even go into town to get a few groceries without moving my motorhome!

The nice thing about electric bikes is that they fit on a regular bike rack and look very much like a regular bike because the motor is in the rear hub.  Here is mine:

I love the pedal assist feature.  It senses when you are having a little trouble pedaling and turns the motor on briefly to give you a slight boost.  The result is that even small hills are a piece of cake. The neat thing is that you are pedaling along, you can ride much faster than usual, making it look like you are in terrific physical shape and able to pass all those young people who previously left you in the dust!

Will post a video as soon as I can get someone to take one.


  1. That is a really nice electric bike. I also purchased an electric bike that folds and I store it in the basement of the RV. Have posted much about the bike on my blog. I really enjoy riding the bike on the beach and pull a doggie cart behind with my little Tzus.

  2. Love the new bike Judy. You'll really be flying around now.