Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6/19 Cedar Bluffs State Park, KS

After two hard days of driving, I knew when I planned this trip that I would need some downtime, so I found this state park not too far off of I70.  Had a rough arrival last night after driving 325 miles, with the last 25 through a horrible hail and windstorm.  Rain and hail was so bad, traffic slowed almost to a stop and the motorhome did a lot of rocking.  I slowly found my way off the expressway onto an exit ramp where I parked until it let up. 

The country in Eastern Kansas looks a lot like the Midwest farm country, but as I drove, it changed to this more prairie-looking scenery.

Got off the interstate soon after the rain ended, and made my way down a very pleasant country road, where I had to stop and take a photo of this old house.

Before it got too hot this morning, I took a long bike ride around the campground and then onto a gravel road on top of the dam. Here are some views from the long dam road.

Most of the dam is earth and rock, but there is this spillway at the far end.  Not enough water to worry about any spilling over right now, however.

There was absolutely no traffic so I decided to ride back to the campground on the regular highway.  Nothing passed me on the mile or so back. 

The campground is mostly deserted because this is a weekday, and the weekend boaters and fishers have not arrived.  That's fine because I like the quiet.

I am going to leave here early Friday morning and head to another reservoir closer to Colorado Springs so I do not have such a long drive on Sunday to get to Cheyenne Mountain State Park.

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