Saturday, June 22, 2013

6/22 From Kansas to Colorado Springs

Had a very long day today, driving 333 miles.  That may not sound like a lot, but it is a lot when you have to wrestle a big vehicle that is sensitive to side winds and pavement which dips and is uneven.  I took the long loop around the reservoir I had been staying at and took these pictures of an old school and a country church.

My GPS has been giving me problems by freezing or dying just when I need it to make a turn.  I have been turning if on only when I absolutely need it and trying to memorize the turns and directions in case it died.  Today, it told me to get off the freeway, or at least I think it did, and turn south for 35 miles.  Then it said to turn west for another 100 miles, and finally it said to go back north to the freeway which was another 35 miles!  Did not make sense.

I looked at a real map and saw a much more direct route to Colorado Springs--Route 94.  I stopped and asked at a small museum and was told it was fine but to make sure I got gas ahead of time because there was nothing for 70 of the 93 miles of this road.  I used two cards and filled it up.

Anyway, it was straight as an arrow, and of course, absolutely no gas stations, restaurants, or even stores along the 70 mile stretch.  I took several photos showing how desolate this area is and how straight the road is.

Long drive, but beautiful in a lot of ways.  It was a hazy day, but in the last few miles, I finally got my first look at the front range of the Rocky Mountains.  Yea!!  Tonight I stay in a lousy KOA, but tomorrow I get a haircut, run some errands, and stay at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, which is high above Colorado Springs and looks beautiful from the pictures on the web site.  I would have liked to stay there tonight, but it was packed because of the weekend.  I need to do a better job of planning for weekends because I really need reservations long in advance for Friday and Saturday nights.

Needed to add the photo I took of my first view of the Rocky Mountains!

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