Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6/6 Sterling State Park, Monroe MI

This is a really nice state park along Lake Erie just east of I75 as it goes through Monroe, Michigan. I like it because it is open so you can see the lake and other campers.  I also like the asphalt pads which are easy to get into and out of.  It also is easy to get satellite TV here, and if you are lazy, they have quite a few full hookup sites.  I've been staying here while I am visiting my doctors and dentists in the Detroit area. 

Here is the location of the park on a map of Lake Erie:

And one of the hardest things to find as I travel is a car wash big enough for an RV.  There is one just across the entrance road, and I have used it twice!  See the big bays on either end?

This place used to be a toxic waste site, but has been cleaned up by the Corps of Engineering. Next door is the giant coal-fired power plant that serves much of the southeastern part of Michigan:
There are some really nice bike trails in the park; one goes about two miles to the nearby River Raisin National Battlefield.  In the War of 1812, the British tried to cross the river here and a major battle ensured.  It is a small national site, but I took some photos of the very interesting signs:


Anyway, it was a nice ride on my new electric bike.  SO nice to be able to ride several miles without my knees or back bothering me! 

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