Saturday, June 15, 2013

6/9 More from Port Crescent

I sold our old cottage in 2001 to help pay my elderly mother's expenses since she could no longer live there alone and the upkeep was getting to be too much for me.  The whole crew decided to take a beach walk and check out the beach and the old boat house.

Unfortunately, the beach does not look in very good condition because of the low lake levels and a lot of grass having grown up.  Lots of zebra mussels have made the water clear but their shells are sharp on your feet, and they have done a lot of damage to the Great Lakes because they destroy the food needed for fish. 

We did not go any farther than the beach.  I don't think anyone was home anyway.  We did get someone to take a group shot, however, back at Port Crescent.  Hope all of my parents great-grandchildren will remember this day.

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