Thursday, May 30, 2013

5/28 Aloha State Park near Cheboygan, MI

I needed a place to stay over the Memorial Day Holiday and a comfortable place to rest so I could get over my really bad cold, so a friend recommended this park and suggested a specific spot. Being so far north, it is not as packed during the holidays as the parks in the lower part of the state.  I was very happy to have reserved this site because most of the park was muddy and full of puddles after the heavy rains last week.  State parks really should put down asphalt or at least gravel pads because it is too easy to get stuck in the mud.  Plus, having a pad makes life a lot easier because it reduces dirt and mud from tracking in.  This was really a handicap spot which was too far from a bathroom to officially qualify as ADA.

This park is mostly open and with grass, and is located on Mullet Lake, which is one of the bigger lakes in Michigan.  Here are some photos of the lake and the boat launch.

 And a picture of the friend who recommended this park.  Thanks, Sue.

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