Saturday, May 25, 2013

5/24 Tawas and Oscoda, Michigan

My parents had a cottage west of Port Austin, Michigan, on the tip of Michigan's Thumb from 1948 until when we sold it in 2001.  The closest point of land across Saginaw Bay was Tawas, which was about 25 miles away, too far to see any land during the day. For most of the first 30 years, all you could see across the lake at night was the Tawas Lighthouse.  I had never seen it in person, however.

I needed a place to stay for a few days over the Memorial Day weekend, so I made reservations at Tawas Point State Park on my way up to Aloha State Park, near Cheboygan.  Tawas was pretty deserted on Wednesday and Thursday, which is just the way I like campgrounds!

It was cold and rainy, and I have a horrible cold, so it was not until Friday on my way to Aloha that I got a chance to drive over to the light.  Here are some photos of the lighthouse and the beach nearby.


I also took an hour to visit a cousin I had not seen in a while.  She and her husband lives near Oscoda, and I was happy to see that she and her brother were still using the old furniture from the cottage that my dad had bought in 1951!  I also spent a couple of hours doing laundry in town.  I headed up the coast and found a very nice Michigan roadside park where I felt comfortable parking and opening my rear slide so I could put things away.  Nice beach, also.


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